About Gatsby

Gatsby helps brands identify which of their customers are micro-influencers. This happens in real-time as they are shopping on your website.

Our clients then use this information to run authentic social collabs, build stronger customer relationships, refine their Facebook ad targeting, further segment their newsletters, and more.

We offer integrations with leading ecommerce platforms, email marketing tools, point-of-sale systems, CRMs, referral / affiliate programs, and broader influencer marketing softwares to make the Gatsby data you receive increasingly valuable, accessible and useful for you.

Thanks to our integration partners, we're the first platform to power social capture within nearly any email subscriber popup, chat bot, checkout page, in-store POS, etc.

Anywhere you ask your customers for their email address, you can start asking them for their Instagram username and Gatsby does the rest.

Gatsby and Refersion

Gatsby helps brands identify which of their customers are micro-influencers and engage all of them in authentic social collaborations.

How Gatsby & Refersion work together:

Add a field to your Refersion Affiliates signup form that asks for an Instagram Handle. With our integration, Gatsby connects to that Instagram field and then identifies data on the profiles. You can trigger outreach to the micro-influencers that helps further fuel your affiliate program.