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About Digioh

Digioh's on-site widgets and lightboxes display personalized content to encourage your website visitors to click, subscribe, and buy

Refersion & Digioh

Encourage your subscribers and customers to send referrals your way. The Digioh-Refersion integration makes it drag-and-drop easy to add Refersion referral offers to your website - no coding required! Digioh's beautiful and brand-compliant website modals get more eyes on your "Refer-a-friend" reward offers. With the Digioh-Refersion integration you can: - Display lightbox or slider modals to showcase your Refersion "Refer-a-friend" offers - Allow users to enter in their email and instantly activate their refersion link (so they can share it on Facebook, email, WhatsApp, and more) - Auto-generate "Refer-a-friend" links after checkout - Share data with your ESP/CRM (tracking data, promo code usage, and more). Digioh integrates with over 400 ESP/CRM systems.